Herts County X-Country Championships Haileybury College 8th January 2017

The Herts Cross Country Championships took place in the spacious grounds of Haileybury College over courses which covered both the playing field and undulating tracks in the adjacent woods including crossing a stream which the athletes described as challenging.

Watford Harriers had some great results from their junior athletes picking up the U15 Boys trophy and 2nd in the U15 Girls event.

Grace Ingles easily clinched the Under 15 Girls title with a 25 second lead while both Connor Keogh U15 Boys and Ben Hunter U13 Boys having to be content with 2nd place after vying for lead in their races. Connor was supported by Charlie Woollett and Ollie Griffith to win the U15 Boys team trophy and Grace was supported by Caitlin Johal and Hannah Trotman to be the second team hone in the U15 Girls race.

Daisy Mainwaring started the day of well with a 3rd place in the U11 girls with Oliver Cooper 15th and Archie Marshall  21st in the U11 Boys race. followed by Scarlett Gammell 6th and Grace Hucknall 17th in the U13 Girls race.

Other good results followed from Tom Rayner 3rd in the U20 Mens race and Chloe Dearman 5th in the U20 Women’s race.

The Senior Women’s race saw the return of Claire Bentley finishing 18th behind Watford’s front runner Angie Trussler in 15th position.

Full results

U11 Girls Race                                                                                   U15 Boys Race                            

3rd Daisy Mainwaring                   6m 18s                                            2nd Connor Keogh                       17m 17s
12th Saoirse MacMahon               7m 23s                                             4th Charlie Woollett                      18m 15s
                                                                                                              5th Ollie Griffith                           18m 18s
U11 Boys Race                                                                                   15th Lewis Clark                                   20m 08s
15th Oliver Cooper                         6m 03s                                                                                                     
21st Archie Marshall                      6m  14s                                           U17 Mens Race                          
                                                                                                              16th Cameron Clark                    27m 18s
U13 Girls Race                                                                                                                                                    
6th Scarlett Gammell                     14m 55s                                          Junior Women                            
17th Grace Hucknall                       15m 49s                                          5th Chloe Dearman                     27m 37s
23rd Jordan Walter                         17m 31s                                                                                                   
26th Amani Chishti                         18m 43s                                          Junior Men                                  
                                                                                                              3rd Thomas Rayner                     28m 09s
U13 Boys Race                                                                                                                                                    
2nd Ben Hunter                               12m 44s                                          Senior Women’s Race              
                                                                                                             15th Angela Trussler                   37m 07s
U15 Girls Race                                                                                     18th Claire Bentley                     35m 08s
1st Grace Ingles                               18m 37s                                        25th Robyn Delivett                    27m 36s
12th Caitlin Johan                           21m 01s                                          50th Christine Dearman             41m 28s
15th Hannah Trotman                   21m 55s                                                                                                   

                                                                                                            Senior Men                                  
                                                                                                             27th Matt Adcock                     41m.48s
                                                                                                                       70th Nick Harris                       46m 04s