New Members reduced subscription of 50% from 1st October 2017 to 31st December 2018 plus the £14 registration to England Athletics
From 1st January 2017 the subscription includes membership until 31st March 2017 with pro rata rate until April 2017 .

Minors (7 to 10 inclusive) and 11 while at Junior School     £20
Year 6 Minors who wish to compete for the club £28 to include England Athletics registration

Juniors (11 (Senior School) to 20 and those in local full time education)
Non competitive/second claim                      £20
Competitive                                                £20 +£14 registration
Absent members in full time education          £10 +£14 registration
(The above competive Junior rates are increased in the year of joining by £12
to include the cost of a vest)

Seniors (21 to 64 inclusive)
Non competitive/second claim/associate       £20
Competitive                                               £30 +£14 registration
Absent competing members                        £10 + £14 registration
(The above competive Senior rates are increased in the year of joining by £12
to include the cost of a vest)

Concessionary (Permanently retired or long term unemployed competitive members)
Non competitive/second claim                      £20
Competitive                                                £20+£14 registration
(The above competive Concessionary rates are increased in the year of joining by £12
to include the cost of a vest)

Associate Membership over 18               £10
This does not include any voting rights of the club.

Coaches and Officials No subscriptions

Honorary/ Ex-Officio Members No subscriptions. This category is for those who help the club
out in an ancillary capacity and who do not perform any substantive activity in the club
or who are associated with the club in their offical capacity..

Committee Members Competive members pay the difference between competitive and non-competitive rates
(ie competing seniors £10 +£14 registration, non competitive seniors no subscription).

Vice Presidents      No subscription
Life members         
No subscription

Optional Family Membership. Twice the Senior Membership rate irrespective of the number of children
plus £14 registration for each competing member

Benevolent Fund is available for those who the committee believe cannot afford the subscription.

All league fees, affiliation fees, entries for major competition on a County, Regional and National basis
and other competitions nominated by the club committee are paid by the club.

Casual entry to Woodside Stadium £1.65 Juniors / £4.10 Seniors for paid up members.

Sunday entry for Minors and Juniors £1.50 Non members £2.50
(payable to Watford Harriers coaches at the stadium.)

Any member is welcome to make a donation towards club funds especially the Benevolent fund.