Welfare Officer


Contact Details

Name: Helen Poole

Email: helen.watfordharriers@virginmedia.com 

Roles & Responsibilities


Welfare covers a range of issues such as safeguarding and protecting children, anti bullying, equity, poor practice in coaching and disciplinary and grievances matters. It encompasses policies and procedures to set out minimum standards of expectations, such as codes of conduct, procedures to follow for dealing with child protection concerns, other welfare issues or complaints, and to ensure that the club meets its statutory responsibilities to safeguard and protect children involved with the club and its activities.

  • Deal with confidential matters that may arise related to athletes and have an understanding and an appropriate way to such matters
  • Responsible for the promotion of codes of conduct to members, parents and young people.
  • Respond to suspected breaches of the Welfare Policies and Procedures that may be referred to them, in accordance with the Welfare Procedures and, to advise and support other club officers or committee members how to respond appropriately in accordance with the Procedures
  • Report any concerns about child abuse to both the UKA Welfare Officer and the EA Welfare Officer and inform them what action has been taken
  • Provide advice on the development of activities for young people within the club and organisation
  • To ensure that all club coaches, helpers and volunteers have completed a volunteer reference form or complied with a volunteer recruitment process and assist in this process as appropriate and to ensure that all coaches, officials and volunteers have completed DBS and Independent Safeguarding Authority checks as required and assist in this process as appropriate. Maintain adequate records at the clubs facility
  • Recognise the difference between poor practice in according to club rules and matters that would be seen as welfare issue